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Updated: Feb 3, 2020

One ideology that is getting the most hype since the past few years has been ‘Going Green’, this could translate into many things some of which being; reducing plastic usage, creating less waste, using more efficient ways to build a sustainable lifestyle. This will allow us human beings to be a little less burdensome on our Earth. It will hinder us from destroying and making the Earth completely inhabitable in the coming years.

So jumping in the bandwagon, we here at Kings Gate Luxury are now completely equipped to provide you with one of the best sustainable and green-friendly Homes from all of Toronto. We will make sure you leave a positive impact on this beautiful planet. However, this is certainly not where the benefits of having a sustainable homes end, these buildings can prove to be extremely light on the pocket since they use most of renewable energy like the sunlight. This means you have to pay much lesser for the non-renewable energy that you are currently using, like electricity. If should also be kept in mind that making your homes more sustainable does not necessarily mean that it has to be built from scratch once again, many powerful measures can be taken during the renovation as well. So it is easier on both; the planet and at the same time, on your wallet. Below are some ways we can help you with moving your home or office in the same direction; sustainable living.

Energy-Star Appliances

Whenever you decide to get yourself a product, you should always consider two main factors; the cost of the appliance, and the cost of using the appliance (in terms of electricity or gas usage). In the case of appliances, the smart purchase is always the one where you can find an appliance than is or normal range, but the selling point should always be how much is it going to cost you on it’s usage. If the cost of its usage is too high, it’s a very long-term high-priced investment, which probably is not worth it at all.

Energy-Star Appliance tackles just the problem! They basically produce low energy consuming appliances that are just as good in quality and performance. With the energy-star appliance, whatever you decide to buy, they will help you estimate in advance the yearly cost that comes with it.

Insulating Your Home

Another way to be a little softer on using electricity is by making sure you insulate your home. Insulation has a very deep connection with electricity usage, meaning, ones you have insulated your home, it will stay warm in the winters and colder in the summer months. This would in return reduce your dependency on your air conditioners or even heaters. We can help you in completely insulating your living space. This will help you save a lot, all the while, leaving a positive influence on our precious Earth.

Energy Efficient Lighting

We here at Kingsgate Luxury always recommend our clients to opt for LED lights instead of going for the normal ones. Other than that, one of our major recommendations is always to go for bigger windows, doors, and skylights! The reason behind this is the increased flow of sunlight into your space will allow for more lighting in the area which means lesser energy consuming bulbs and lights would be needed in the day-time. This means half would divide the energy consumed during the day, as the daytime energy would be saved. This does not go without stating how important sunlight is for us as human beings and or our health as well.

Recycling Old Material

We as a company have always been donating all the leftover construction material to non-profit organizations that help the less fortunate people in home their dream homes. It’s better to be helping other people instead of just wasting all the raw material left over!

Here were some general tips on how to have your place become more energy efficient so you can do your part in paying back Mother Nature. Kings Gate Luxury Homes is a certified member of ENERGY STAR® Qualified Homes. We are dedicated to offering leading-edge energy technology to reduce environmental impact, home healthy green homes and sustainable cost-savings to our homeowners.

Contact us for more details and custom-made suggestions for your space. We would be happy to help you.

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